2000 word essay on the importance of following orders

Honor is a matter of carrying out, acting, and living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, selfless service, integrity, and personal courage in everything you do.

S, the army, and the individual soldiers. Army is a complex combination of missions, tasks and responsibilities- all in constant motion.

Following orders is not just important in combat but must also be followed in garrison and during training exercises as well to accomplish daily missions. Our work entails building one assignment onto another. It require that you do and say nothing that deceives others.

Soldiers live this Army Values because they believe in freedom and justice for this world. And by doing your share, you are showing your loyalty to your unit. They will always remember and honor all those that have died serving our country. This is the most important key when performing a mission; the soldiers should never question the logic behind the command but should carry out without delay always knowing that their majors are always looking out for them.

The Environment It is always very important to follow all orders given to you by people appointed over you. Following orders is key in any unit.

With physical courage, it is a matter of enduring physical duress and at times risking personal safety. For example, when we are deployed and we go outside the wire it is very important to follow all orders given to yo If leadership is not responsible enough to follow an order then the soldiers below that person will do the same thing.

Orders in the military is what makes the army so organized and effective in tough situations. Put the welfare of the nation, the Army and your subordinates before your own.

Why Following Orders in the Army Is Important Essay Sample

Facing moral fear or adversity may be a long, slow process of continuing forward on the right path, especially if taking those actions is not popular with others. More essays like this: And self-respect is a vital ingredient with the Army value of respect, which results from knowing you have put forth your best effort.

Orders are passed down the chain of command. The Army is one team and each of us has something to contribute. Obedience is thought to enable the military to operate effectively and organized which is very important during all military situations.

Get Access Why Following Orders in the Army Is Important Essay Sample There are many reasons why a soldier should follow all of the orders they are given because every one of them is important in any circumstance.

Live up to the Army values. Following orders prevents you from making disastrous mistakes and doing things that you might regret later on in life. To be disciplined, an effective combat, and be a good soldier and love your job. Duty means being able to accomplish tasks as part of a team.

Personal courage has long been associated with our Army. Everyone needs to be on the same page and work together to be successful and being able to obey an order is a very important part of that.

The work of the U.

What Is the Importance of Following Orders in the Military?

It releases a lot of tension from the leaders and the other members of the team, it allows every soldier to realize what the work is extend out evenly to work as a team and get the job done fast. For example if Sergeant tells a private to prepare the guns before they go out for the mission the sergeant is telling the private to get the guns ready so they can be fully functional and help out when its needed in the fight.

Doing your duty means more that carrying out your assigned tasks. An order is a task given to a soldier that has to be done in a certain period of time in an efficient manner. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other Soldiers.The Importance of Following Orders Spc Polston, Jamie Following orders are very important, for number of reasons.

Orders are put in place all around the world. There are religious order, court order, general order, and military order. Following Simple Instructions Essay. This is a ten thousand word (military related) essay on the importance to follow simple instructions, the importance of non commissioned officers in the military, and why it is important to follow leadership whether u are in the military or another form of work in which u are under a form of leadership.

The Importance Of Following Orders I am writing this essay on the importance of following order because I recently disobeyed a few General orders. Our commanders put out orders and make them very clear to us for multiple reasons. Importance of Following Orders.

According to wine-cloth.com, an order is “an authoritative direction or instruction; command; mandate.” Another definition is “a command or notice issued by a military organization or a military commander to troops, sailors, etc.” Orders are highly associated with the military or the police and often come from people of higher authority.

Following of orders is an essential requirement in various institutions particularly in the military. An order refers to a command given by superior officers to the other members in demand for them to follow it without thinking it through or disobeying.

Word Essay On The Importance Of Following Orders word essay on the importance of accountability in the army Free Essays on Word Essay On Accountability Responsibility for students. Accountability in the army is important because soldiers as well as equipment, ammunition, food, water and other various Words on Accountability.

2000 word essay on the importance of following orders
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